Too Many Zooz

Cityscape jams with trumpeting legend Matt Doe of Too Many Zooz, the New York buskers and 'brass house' pioneers that went big, on rocking the New York subway, YouTube fame, brass house itself, and why you definitely have to check out their live set at Electric Avenue this month (February 24).

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Sparks Fly

SummerTimes Sparks 2018

Still one of the city’s favourite events after 35(!) years, Sparks is back (how could it not be?) on February 17th.

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All Round To Mrs Brown

Mrs Brown live on stage

Brendan O' Driscoll brings his smash-hit comedic creation Mrs Brown to the stage in touring show For The Love of Mrs Brown at Horncastle Arena from February 28th to March 2nd.

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SummerTimes 2018

Sun is shining, weather is sweet

It simply wouldn't be a Christchurch summer without the CCC's season-long good times programme, SummerTimes.

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Electric Avenue 2018

There's another huge afternoon/evening of music and good times in store this year at this summer's Electric Avenue Music Festival.

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Spirit(ed) Away

Q&A: Composer John Young

Cityscape caught up with former Christchurch composer John Young, whose Spirit opens (with its world premier) the CSO's 2018 season.

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The Hot List

Sparks Fly

17 Feb 2018

Still one of the city’s favourite events after 35(!) years, Sparks is back (how could it not ...

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Super Heroic

24 Feb 2018

The Christchurch Symphony Orchestra’s 2018 season officially opens with the return of the Lamb ...

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